Host Family Orientation

USA Program places a priority on orientation meetings for international students and host families. Issues regarding the daily life in the host family home are discussed with the intl. student so that he/she will know what to expect. Likewise, the host family must be informed on ways to prepare for the intl. student’s arrival.

Host families will have a personal interview/orientation meeting conducted by USA’s Local Representative that will enable them to become better equipped to successfully deal with and guide the intl. student while he/she resides in the host home. USA Program requests that all members of the host family participate in this important meeting where questions are answered, rules are reviewed, and helpful suggestions are made. The Host Family Handbook will be the primary tool used in this meeting.

USA Program has designed the "Four Phases of Hosting" to inform host families about the transition, adaptation, and growth phases through which they will progress during their experience with the international student. A summary of each of these phases follows:

Phase One: H.O.P.E. (Handbook, Orientation, Preparation, Expectation)

This phase is designed to prepare host families in planning for the intl. student's arrival.

Phase Two: C.A.R.E. (Communication, Adaptation, Relationships, Environment)

The purpose of this phase is to help host families become better acquainted with the intl. student in his/her new environment.

Phase Three: S.H.A.R.E. (Student's Habits Achieve Results Expected)

This phase will help ease the educational and cultural transitions that both the host family and the intl. student will encounter by sharing positive values and beliefs.

Phase Four: L.E.A.V.E. (Love Exchange Adventure, Value Experience)

Phase four will aid in preparing for the departure of the intl. student at the end of his/her stay.

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