"As an international student program,http://www.binomo-co.in/code our vision and goals were designed to benefit our
participants culturally and educationally in a Christian environment to achieve a
better understanding of God's love in our world community."
Exchange Students

Each binomo promo code year, thousands of international students come to live and study in the U.S. The vision of USA's ministry is to be global in reaching our world for Christ through today's youth. Our goal is to see that the international students whom we sponsor live in Christian homes while attending a quality educational institution. The international student's participation in a Christian family offers a great opportunity for an intimate relationship with Christ.

Exchange Students

Additionally, attending a Christian-based school will enable students to reach their educational goals in a safe and enriching environment. USA Program sponsors intl. students (12 – 18 years old) from: South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. We sponsor groups of intl. students each August and January every year. The duration of the intl. student's stay in the U.S. varies from one semester up to four years, depending on the intl. student's binomo-co.in/code/desires and grade level.


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