USA Program places a great emphasis on and strongly believes in the orientation, preparation, and ongoing support for our intl. students. The fundamental objectives of the preparation and orientation meetings are to promote cultural learning and reduce, or prevent, culture shock.

Arrival Preparation/Orientation (United States)

Once the intl. students have arrived in the United States, they will participate in a one-week preparatory/orientation course in Texas based on the “Student Manual”. The “Student Manual”, and the orientation course, covers the following topics:

  • Communication & Language
  • Starting High School
  • High School
  • How to Study
  • How to Get Along at School
  • Community
  • Host Family adaptation
  • How to Get Along at Home
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Rules and General Information

The USA directors and staff will greet intl. students at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. They will be transported to a local hotel where they will lodge for the one-week duration of this course. USA Program will provide a daily breakfast, lunch, transportation, cultural orientation, and educational preparation course to them.

The primary concentration of the educational preparation course is to improve communication skills, grammar, sentenced structure, pronunciation, reading, and writing skills. A variety of topics are covered that provide ample opportunities to practice these important English language skills on a daily basis.

Some of the grammar topics of study include:

  • possessive adjectives
  • plurals
  • present continuous
  • present tense
  • questions and short answers
  • adverbs of time
  • regular and irregular verbs
  • time expressions
  • ordinal and cardinal numbers
  • prepositions
  • past tense

Intl. students will also participate in daily cross-cultural activities and local tours of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. This will provide the intl. students with additional opportunities to practice and learn the English language in a relaxed atmosphere. American tour guides will offer a continuation of the educational preparation course by speaking with and explaining the significance of each site.

The tours and activities concentrate in the following areas:

  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Recreational

The primary objectives of this one-week meeting are to:

  • Provide the intl. students with an opportunity to become personally acquainted with the USA staff and directors, who are responsible for them during their stay in the United States. This establishment of personal rapport will help the intl. students feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • Provide the USA staff and directors with the opportunity to, in turn, become personally acquainted with the intl. students and observe their personalities and general behavior as they interact with them. This is a valuable opportunity for USA Program to develop our personal involvement philosophy with the intl. students.
  • Give the USA staff and directors the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the pre-departure orientation meetings that were conducted by the USA Home Country Representatives.
  • Ensure that all intl. students possess the ability to converse efficiently in Basic English.
  • Familiarize the intl. students with the American high school system and what will be expected of them therein.
  • Review the program rules and regulations that all intl. students must follow, as well as the consequences that will result if any of these rules and regulations that are violated.
  • Ensure that all intl. students possess the basic survival skills that are necessary to function effectively upon arrival to their host communities.

Intl. students are encouraged to share their culture with their host families, high school classes, local churches, etc., in various settings and manners. Some may wish to share a recipe or prepare a traditional meal, while others may opt for a more formal showing of photographs or slides with an accompanying report. Intl. students should take full advantage of such opportunities to expand the cultural awareness of those around them by sharing their culture.


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