USA Program places a great emphasis on and strongly believes in the orientation, preparation, and ongoing support for our students. The fundamental objectives of the preparation and orientation meetings are to promote cultural learning and reduce, or prevent, culture shock.

Pre-Departure Orientation (Home Country)

The pre-departure orientation meetings are conducted by the USA Home Country Representative, in the intl. student's natural language and are primarily based on USA’s "Student Handbook". The USA Home Country Rep. must conduct at least two such meetings in the home country.

The main objectives of the pre-departure orientation meetings are to:

The topics discussed in USA's "Student Handbook", are organized in a specific chronological order so as to progressively reflect the different phases that the intl. student will experience before departure to the United States. Parents and intl. students must read the "Student Handbook" carefully prior to the orientation meetings. These topics are:

As the host family recruitment process progresses in the United States, pictures, letters, and information about the host community are to be sent to the intl. student's home country for review by the intl. students and their parents. This "Host Family Portfolio" helps to better familiarize the intl. students with the host family and with what to expect upon their arrival to the United States.

The natural parents of each intl. student are required to attend at least one of the two orientation meetings conducted by the USA Home Country Representative. The support of the natural parents is important to the success of the intl. students' experience. The natural parents should be aware of all aspects of the USA Program that their children will encounter and be responsible for.


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