International Student Support and Assistance

Communication between everyone involved in the USA International Student Program is vital to a successful experience. Open communication is encouraged at every level of the USA Organization. Our corporate office is directly involved with the orientation and progress of all students.

USA’s Directors and staff are readily available to all participants, intl. students, host families, private schools, and Local Representatives twenty-four hours per day via several toll-free telephone numbers. The USA Corporate office must be informed of any problems that occur with any student who is participating in our program in order to keep the USA Home Country Representatives and natural parents informed.

USA Program 24 hour toll free telephone lines:

The Local Representative serves as the local personal contact between each intl. student and USA Program upon their arrival to the Host City. The Local Representative is responsible for maintaining regular monthly contact with intl. students, host families, and private schools in his local area of placement for the duration of the intl. students’ stay in the United States. The Local Representative will submit Monthly Evaluation forms to USA Program’s corporate office regarding the students, host families, and schools for which he is responsible.

The intl. students are provided with full medical coverage while they are a part of our program. They are covered up to US$ 250,000.00 with a US$ 100.00 co-pay and 100% prescription coverage. The medical and hospitalization insurance does not cover health exams, immunizations, pre-existing conditions, or routine dental procedures. All required processing fees and advanced payments to any medical facility should be made by the intl. student. To get more information about USA Program medical and hospitalization insurance, ID cards, and claim forms, please go to


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