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All prospective international students wishing to participate in the USA Program in the United States must meet all of our established requirements. The USA Home Country Representative is responsible for initial evaluation, screening, testing, and selection of the students. Based on the results of such, USA's corporate office in the United States will make the final decision regarding the acceptance or denial of the intl. students.

The criteria used in the testing & selection process by the USA Home Country Representatives are categorized below:

1) Personal Interview

Each prospective intl. student will undergo an informal two-hour personal interview with the USA Home Country Representative. The interviewer will attempt to assess the intl. student's attitude and opinions regarding various aspects of the international study experience. The interviewer will evaluate the intl. student’s responses to questions and discussion topics found on the "Personal Interview" form. Some of the subjects include:

The USA Home Country Representative records the information collected from the personal interview onto the "Student General Information" form.

Also, the natural parents will complete the "Behavior Evaluation" form to describe their observations on their own son/daughter attitude, personal characteristics and behaviors.

2) Psychological Aptitude Test

The "Psychological Profile" is given to prospective intl. students and used to assess the intl. students' abilities to conduct themselves in situations and environments that are different from those to which they are accustomed. The "Psychological Profile" test consists of three categories.

Part I asks general questions regarding the intl. student's hobbies, personal interests, concerns, fears, and wishes. Part II evaluates the intl. student's personality traits. In Part III, the intl. students will be presented with a series of yes/no questions to help determine his ability to make new friends, level of maturity, and responsibility level. Part IV consists of hypothetical situations which will require that important decisions be made, evaluating problem solving skills. In Part V, the intl. student is required to write an essay explaining why he wishes to study abroad.

The intl. students' responses will help determine the following:

The findings on the above-mentioned areas will be recorded on the "Interviewer's Evaluation" form which is located on the back of the "Student General Information" form.

3) English Evaluation

All prospective intl. students wishing to participate in USA Program will be evaluated by a home country instructor on their English language proficiency in the following areas: oral, writing, reading, and listening. The results of these tests will be recorded on the "English Evaluation" form. The scores will be based on an overall range of proficiency from Excellent to Poor.

USA Program also requires each intl. student to take the SLEP (Secondary Level English Proficiency) test. The results are submitted to USA Program along with the intl. student's application.

4) Academic Performance

Upon the successful completion of the preliminary evaluation process, USA Program requires that each intl. student has his proper home country school officials complete the "School Transcript" and the "Teacher Recommendation" forms. The "School Transcript" form is used by USA Program and the American school officials to evaluate the intl. student's academic performance over the past three years and to determine which classes the students have or have not previously taken. The form also reflects the grade averages earned by the intl. students.

The "Teacher Recommendation" form is important in our assessment of various academic and social performance factors. Each intl. student will be evaluated by a current home country teacher on the two broad categories of Academic Participation and Sociability. Within these categories, the teacher will indicate on a range from Excellent to Poor the intl. student’s score in several areas that fall under each.

5) General Health Condition

All prospective intl. students must undergo physical examinations and be in good health in order to participate in the USA program. The "Student Health Record" form must be completed by the intl. student's medical doctor where he will verify the dates of all required immunizations. Additionally, the doctor will answer specific questions regarding the current and past health of the intl. student.

On the back of the "Student Health Record" form is the Medical Release Authorization. This important information must be read and signed by the intl. student and his parents or guardians.

6) General Cultural Awareness

As part of the preliminary application process, all prospective intl. students must complete a general cultural evaluation called the "Student's Cultural Perspective" form. This evaluation will inform USA Program as to where the intl. student stands in his knowledge of his home country’s history, economics, and politics, as well as that of the United States. The purpose of this evaluation is solely to determine the intl. student’s current general knowledge on the above-mentioned subjects. The results will not hinder the intl. student’s application process.

Additionally, to ensure that each intl. student becomes more aware of and better understands cultural norms and values, USA Program requires that the intl. students also complete the "Cultural Awareness Questionnaire" form, which offers a more in-depth, comprehensive research format. The "Home Country" portion of the "Cultural Awareness Questionnaire" form must be completed by each intl. student before departure from his home country. The intl. student will complete the "Host Community" portion of this form by the end of the third month of living in the United States. USA Program feels that after three months of living abroad, the intl. student will be better acquainted with and understands the cultural differences and similarities to that of his native culture.

All parties involve will sign the agreement with USA Program.

After the Home Country Representative acquires and compiles all of the prospective intl. student's application materials, he forwards this information to USA Corporate office in Texas for final evaluation and approval. Then we make the Student Portfolio

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