Benefits of Partnership

USA Program realizes that as a Christian School which takes on the role of educating International Students, one of the most exciting benefits is the opportunity to bring the mission field to your front door.

USA Program is committed to recruit and screen prospective intl. students so you, as our partnering school, have enough information about the intl. student to make a decision for acceptance. We are also committed to collect tuition and fees for your school*, to address any academic or behavioral issues with our intl. students, and to serve as a liaison between your school and student's natural parents.

Your school will benefit from partnering with USA Program by:

As a result of partnering with your school, USA Program believes that our intl. students will reap the following benefits:

*As part of our service to our partnering schools, USA Program collects tuition and fees from the natural parents of the intl. students to pay to your school. USA Program does not profit from your school’s tuition or fees from the intl. student. We obtain your school’s invoice and present it to the natural parents through our Home Country Representative. The intent of this service is to make sure that our intl. students are in good standing with our partnering schools. USA Program will also address any additional needs for the intl. students as they arise.


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