"My name is Ellen and I'm 16. I'm known as a foreign exchange student. I was scared about this year in a new country. It was my dream to experience a new culture, but I also felt weak and immature to leave my parents, friends, and everything that I knew to meet something that I wasn't actually sure of. God gave me the best host family, everything that I wanted. I love them as I love my family in Brazil. We have great moments this year, and I'm certainly coming back to see MY AMERICAN FAMILY. To leave this place is the saddest thing to me. I'm much more different now, not just outside, I grew up inside... I can say that I have "a head on my shoulders" as my American mom says. And I also can say that Jesus showed His love through this family and made me so happy that I could show mine. God Bless ya'll."

Ellen from Brazil


"My wife and I have had many opportunities to get the gospel out. We have had the unique privilege of going to many parts of the world with the good news of Jesus, but one of our best opportunities and greatest blessings has been to have international students in our home. Hosting 3 young boys gave us an opportunity to not only share our faith, but to see them grow in their faith day by day. Our boys still call us to say they love us and are praying for us. They will always be a special part of our lives and family. We found out that hosting students not only impacts their lives, it also made an impact on our lives forever. Thank you USA for a blessing opportunity."

Enloe Family, Mansfield, TX


It is my pleasure to recommend USA, United Students Association. Calvary Christian Academy has been in partnership with USA Program for four years now. Because of this organization our school has had the opportunity to show the love of God to several students each year. We have been blessed with the young men and women that have come to our school, and we believe this partnership has made our school better.

Our goal is to see our international students grow spiritually, academically and socially. With this goal, we also want our international students to get immersed in our culture and perfect their English language skills. An added benefit is that our American students at Calvary Christian Academy learn many things from our international visitors.

We have been blessed with some excellent host families who have taken intl. students from several different countries. Many of our host families feel as if the intl. students are part of the family within just a few weeks. It has been heartening to see the way families have bonded with the intl. students.

Our school is better because of our association with USA Program. There have been numerous rewards for our students, staff and host families. I highly recommend USA, United Students Association for their integrity and their willingness to assist the school and host families. I feel that we are very cared for and watched over by the leadership of USA Program. The staff is always accessible and helpful when we need any assistance or advice. I can’t think of a better venue for introducing international students to your school.


Sue Tidwell
Calvary Christian Academy


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