Walk with the Lord

Now that you are a Christian (like Christ), your life will never be the same (born again). You have a loving God that will care for you, and He wants you to know more about Him. Listed below are some things that you want to do as a new believer in Jesus Christ.

  1. Get a Bible and begin to read it daily = You may want to start with the New Testament books in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They tell about the life of Jesus Christ and how He changed the world.
  2. Pray to God each and every day = Ask God to supply all of your needs, protect you and your family, remove temptation from your life, give you a love for others, and give you a boldness to share your faith with others. Ask other people if they have anything you can pray about and pray for their requests as well.
  3. Find a good church and become a member = Finding a good church can be difficult, but remember that the most important thing is for a church to follow the Bible (God’s word) exactly as it is written. The only way you can know that the church is doing that is to know what the Bible says yourself. Most churches post what they believe on their website, so compare their beliefs with what the Bible says.
  4. Pick a good mentor and friend to help you = Each of us needs a good mentor and friend. This person should be a Christian that does all of the first three things, and you feel comfortable asking this person serious questions and sharing your problems with him or her.
  5. Learn how to share your faith with friends and family = Tell others about what God has done and is doing in your life. Not everyone will accept what you tell them, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing with them about how much God loves them. People are watching you as an example of what a Christian is and should be. We will never be perfect, but we must be careful to be a good witness for Christ our Lord and Savior.

The fourth step of your life is to daily "Walk with the Lord" because spending time with Him will guide you down the right path for your life.


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