Tomorrow Begins Today

The purpose of USA, United Students Association (USA Program) is to promote and increase cultural understanding, awareness, and acceptance as we help our international students reach their educational goals in the United States today for brighter futures tomorrow.

The international student's exposure to daily learning experiences and full cultural immersion will increase their knowledge of people, customs, and a culture different from their own while significantly enhancing their English language abilities.

USA Program's staff is committed to excellence in serving everyone involved in our ministry. We work as a team, continually building and refining the USA Program through evaluating present and past experiences.

"Tomorrow begins today" is the assurance that each of our international students will benefit from and receive the utmost in quality offered from USA Program service.

USA Program provides full-time support and assistance to our international students, host families, local representatives, and school authorities throughout the international students’ stay in the United States.

By granting all of our international students the opportunity for personal growth, enhanced communication skills, academic development, and cultural understanding, we serve as a stepping stone for each of their futures. We intend to help build brighter, more fulfilled futures for all of those who participate in USA's international student program.

At a Glance

  • Texas Non-Profit Corporation
  • Educational and Cultural Program
  • Tax-exempt 501 (c) (3)
  • Public Benefit Since 1995
  • Professional and Christian Board of Directors
  • Sponsor Intl. students from: South and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our Vision

G lobal Awareness

R eaching Personal Goals

O pportunities for Brighter Futures

W ell-rounded Educational Experience

T rue Benefits to all Participants

H igh Expectations for Success


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