Moacir Rodrigues is the Founder and Executive Director of USA, United Students Association (USA Program). Mr. Rodrigues maintains dual citizenship as both an American and Brazilian citizen. He resides in Mansfield, Texas with his wife and children. Mr. Rodrigues has been involved in the field of international educational and cultural exchange since 1990.

Mr. Rodrigues spent the first 21 years of his life in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1987, he came to the United States and has since become an American citizen, husband, and father. His personal intercultural experiences have equipped him with a unique perspective and understanding that he shares with international students in order to help them through the process of cultural adaptation.

Mr. Rodrigues first began working in the field of international educational and cultural exchange in 1990 and has been placing and managing international students since then. Under his supervision, thousands of international students have found success through international study in the United States. Mr. Rodrigues' experience has encompassed the entire process of international educational and cultural exchange including holding various positions in the field throughout his career.

His duties have included: interviewing international students; selecting and processing student applications for approval; recruiting and interviewing prospective host families; reviewing host family applications and checking references for determining approval; providing initial and ongoing support and assistance to international students and host families throughout their experience; recruiting, training, and supervising local and home country representatives; conducting orientation meetings; creating program materials including forms, manuals, and other related documents.

Mr. Rodrigues is multi-lingual, fluently speaking Portuguese, English, and Spanish with an understanding of Italian. In the realm of the international student program, his language skills have been an asset proven to be especially useful when troubleshooting dialogue with natural parents, intl. students, and Home Country Representatives.

With numerous years of professional experience behind him, Mr. Rodrigues has encountered both strengths and weaknesses in working with international student organizations. Based on his observation of specific needs and areas for improvement, Mr. Rodrigues set out to create a program that would set a standard of excellence in this exciting field – the USA Program.

In his personal time, Mr. Rodrigues enjoys spending time with his family, reading, watching movies, and is an avid soccer player and fan. Until age 18, he played semi-professional soccer in Brazil, and today he holds a coaching license in the U.S.


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