Purposes and Objectives

USA has made a commitment to serve everyone participating in our international student program with the utmost in excellence. The USA Program is designed to promote a future of greater cultural understanding and world peace through bringing people of different cultures together for the purpose of personal development, improved communication skills, academic progress, and cultural understanding. International students will be immersed into the American culture. The learning process will be a continuous one for the students, as well as for the host families. Each of our intl. students will reside in carefully chosen host family homes and study in a private high school. Each is given the opportunity to stay for one school or calendar year and, if earned and deserving of, the student will be rewarded with the opportunity to stay for additional school or calendar year.

The international students will help bridge the gap that exists between people of differing cultures through sharing their own culture with their host families, friends, and classmates in the United States. Simultaneously, the intl. students will be absorbing an enormous amount of information regarding the American culture. "Tomorrow begins today!" is what USA Program is all about. Our intl. students, and everyone involved in the USA Program will be taking a leap now to build a brighter future of greater cultural awareness and peace. The specific areas of growth on which we concentrate include the following:

  • Personal Development All intl. students in the USA Program will be faced with numerous opportunities for personal development. They will be immersed into a culture and lifestyle which is different from that to which they are accustomed, without the support system on which they have relied in the past. Intl. students will mature in their decision-making and problem-solving skills, become more self-reliant and self-motivated, and improve in their social interaction skills.
  • Communication Skills One of the primary goals of USA’s intl. student program is for our intl. students to improve their proficiency in the English language. Being exposed to the English language on a twenty-four hour daily basis, both at home and at school, intl. students will more readily learn and comprehend the language, as well as express themselves. They will be provided ample opportunities to share themselves and exchange information with others through communication.
  • Cultural Understanding The very nature of USA’s intl. student program is to bring individuals from different background together for the purpose of promoting cultural understanding. By taking part in our program, intl. students and host families alike will gain a new perspective on viewing cultures that differ from their own. Through daily observation of and participation in the American lifestyle, our international students and host families will come to a deeper, more conclusive understanding of what their own cultural norms, accepted ways of life, and customs are. This knowledge will better enable them to accept and appreciate different ways of life throughout the world.
  • Academic Progress Academic progress is a top priority of USA Program. We place a great emphasis on our intl. students’ obtaining and maintaining acceptable, passing grades in all of their classes. Intl. students will be challenged academically in a variety of subjects. Their concentration is essential since all classes are conducted in English, and some terms may not yet be familiar to them. USA Program will monitor the progress and performance of each intl. student on a monthly basis to ensure that the intl. students are diligently applying themselves. By doing so, the intl. students will be successful in advancing academically with knowledge that will enrich their lives.
  • USA's main objective for all of our intl. students is that they will return to their home countries and apply the skills and knowledge acquired while in the U.S. to benefit their home countries and their local communities.

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